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West-coast feel &

Contemporary appeal

The natural colours and elements in these distinctly west-coast inspired homes create a sophisticated and enduring profile. The twin wood-framed buildings are a blend of gorgeous tones, giving rise to generous overhangs and archways. A generous use of glass mixed with angular lines brings Scott & Nicholson to the height of modern appeal.

The spacious property boasts full landscaping and a drive-up entrance. Anchoring it all: raised concrete-framed garden beds providing a well-rooted finish.

Plan A

One Bedroom

  • Interior 573-608 SQFT
  • Exterior 63-262 SQFT
  • Total 636-870 SQFT

Plan B

One Bedroom

  • Interior 534 SQFT
  • Exterior 63-252 SQFT
  • Total 597-786 SQFT

Plan C

Two Bedrooms

  • Interior 779 SQFT
  • Exterior 63-255 SQFT
  • Total 842-1034 SQFT

Plan D

Two Bedrooms

  • Interior 928 SQFT
  • Exterior 63-114 SQFT
  • Total 991-1042 SQFT

Plan E

Two Bedrooms

  • Interior 898 SQFT
  • Exterior 63-116 SQFT
  • Total 961-1,014 SQFT

Plan F

Two Bedrooms

  • Interior 900-905 SQFT
  • Exterior 63-375 SQFT
  • Total 963-1,280 SQFT

Plan G

Two Bedrooms

  • Interior 857 SQFT
  • Exterior 63-356 SQFT
  • Total 920-1,213 SQFT

Plan H

Two Bedrooms

  • Interior 820 SQFT
  • Exterior 62-108 SQFT
  • Total 882-928 SQFT

Plan J

Two Bedrooms

  • Interior 775 SQFT
  • Exterior 102-106 SQFT
  • Total 877-881 SQFT

Plan K

Two Bedrooms

  • Interior 1,041 SQFT
  • Exterior 161-397 SQFT
  • Total 1,202-1,438 SQFT

Plan L

Three Bedrooms

  • Interior 1,043 SQFT
  • Exterior 161 SQFT
  • Total 1,204 SQFT

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In our continuing effort to improve and maintain the high standard of the Scott & Nicholson development, the developer reserves the right to modify or change plans, specifications, features and prices without notice. Materials may be substituted with equivalent or better at the developer's sole discretion. All dimensions and sizes are approximate and are based on preliminary survey measurements. As reverse plans occur throughout the development please see architectural plans. Renderings are an artist’s conception and are intended as a general reference only. E&O.E. Sales and Marketing provided by Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd. 604-583-2212